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The intro to my new page i'm working on at

And so it was written and so it shall be, mankind shall eventually be destroyed for the mere convenience of universal traffic control. And such has always been the way of mankind. Mankind lives merely at the whim of universal humor. Twere it up to the race itself or to some other celstial beings among our vast universe, the Earth would have been reduced to intergalactic space dust for some cruiser to have to wipe clear of their windshield eons ago (in hamster years of course...)

But here we are. Still alive, still procreating, still carrying on with our shallow, brief, pointless lives on a backwards planet at the far end of the spiral of the Milky Way galaxy, far from the sight of most space faring denizens. "Mostly Harmless" we are...running about with one eye on our digital watches, the other searching for more little pieces of green paper to trade for happiness. Humanity finds happiness in a faded green piece of paper (or whatever color it happens to be for the particular tribe that human is from) And eventually happiness fades, and life fades, and death overcomes. And the world keeps turning, and the universe continues on with it's trading and destruction of planets for traffic without anymore acknowledgement to Earth or its denizens than two words at the depths of a book about the Universe at large. "Mostly Harmless" What a pathetic race we are, humanity. What a hopelessly lost, backwards race we are...

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