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"You were thinking out loud", you said, "I'm overwhelmed..."

A number of us went out to the casino last Friday to celebrate the birthday of one of my former co-workers over at American Century. Fairly uneventful, ignoring the fact that I turned $40 into about $140 in no time at all, only to come back and break even. Dave and I were mutant watching and we briefly discussed the fact that you can't even talk to women at the casino because you end up coming off like one more horny casino jerk whose had a little too much to drink and a little too much gambling adrenaline buzzing through his system. The internet is a lot like that. Sincerity comes into question quickly when your words are compared to the words and actions of everyone that came before you, not to mention those undoubtedly coming along after you and potentially ruining the impression you left just moments before. Social engineering at it's finest (worst?).

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