Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Does this mean that Congress and the court system and every Republican nutbag who used this poor woman's final days to improve their public image will finally shut up and get back to their jobs? Doubtful. I'm sure I'm going to have to hear people say things that are in no way based on any facts whatsoever for another 3 or 4 months, just like I have been for the last several months. God bless 24 hour news, you've turned us all into blathering idiots who don't have a damn clue about what is going on, but I'll be damned if we don't run our mouths like the armchair experts that we are acting as though we know all about what has gone on because we read about what happened in a news ticker while getting our latest Jacko update. I'm not one to talk, I ramble on at length about things as though I know more than the average person, but then again I tend to read more quality news in a day than the average person absorbs in a month from watching their local news and whatever 24 hour news station is airing at Applebee's. The lesson to be learned from Terri? Don't be a diet freak. If you're going to be a diet freak, leave a living will so people will know that you don't want to be kept alive for 15 years while your parents use your comatose shell as a means to get the country's attention, politicians use you to win more votes from the religious nuts who believe sweat can give you aids, and your husband sits by trying to do what's right while dodging bullets from crazy people. In six months, who will remember her name, what ailment she suffered from, what brought on that ailment, the fact that more independent doctors weighed in for the courts that she had no chance of recovery than any inner city kids will see in their lifetime. Move on people. If you want to be sad, be sad for someone you know who is suffering. Be sad for kids who die every day because their parents can't afford health care and the government isn't doing a damn thing to help them. Be sad for people in Iraq who die due to a lack of food and water brought on by US. Quit being a spaz over a woman whose name you know only because people like Tom DeLay used her to put themselves into the spotlight.

*cough* So. How about those Royals?

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