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Shame on you America...

Congress has decided that 1500+ deaths of our own soldiers in Iraq isn't nearly as important of an issue as feeding a vegetable in Florida. WTF? Have we managed to find a solution to our health care issues? To our social security issues? To taxation issues? To getting our butts out of Iraq? Apparently so if we can call special sessions of Congress to make sure that a woman who has been in a vegetative coma for 15 years has a chance to continue to lay in a vegetative state for another 15 years. Tom DeLay, in an attempt to prove once again that he's a gas bag and a waste of oxygen, has been touting Terry Schiavo like her doctors and husband and even members of the judicial system are terrorists out to destory our country one person at a time.
''It is now 1 o'clock on the East Coast, the time preordained by a Florida state judge to allow for denial of food and water to Terri Schiavo,'' the Texas Republican declared. ``That act of barbarism can be and must be prevented.''
She's not the World Trade Center and she's not someone who is being held captive against her will. She's a woman who has so little chance of recovering that doctors have decided it is not prudent to leave her on life support. It happens every day. Someone gets into a tragic accident and they end up on life support machines, barely clinging to this world. States have passed Futile Care laws to ensure that these individuals aren't being kept alive when there is no hope of them recovering. Don't let good old Georgie boy fool you with all of his grandstanding over Terry's right to live, he signed off on a Futile Care law while he was Goobernor of Tejas and seems to be able to sleep well at night. That law was recently used to take Sun Hudson off of life support. Where was Tom DeLay to protect that child, someone from his own state?

Why are our politicians working so furvently to help keep one person alive when they ought to be working furvently to keep thousands of other people alive? Soldiers? Terminally ill people whose lives could be saved through stem cell research? The homeless? Veterans? People who can't afford the health care that they need? A black child whose mom can't afford to pay to keep him alive? BAH!!!
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