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And your mustache too!

This one time I was getting free cable and I was all "d00d, LOLLLORRZZZ!!! FISK yu c4bl3 company!!!" and watched all sorts of pr0n on Skinemax and it was great. Then they killed my Skinemax and I was sad, then angry, then a little bit peckish so I had a sandwich. However, I did not go over to the cable guy's house and tell him that he should die for ruining my free cable because I'm a nice guy like that and I'm sure he would've loved to let me keep watching free softcore crap at 4 am but his boss had other plans and all the cable guy wanted to do was go home and sleep on his air mattress and hope that wild dogs didn't pop his mattress and pee on the new carpet and cause him to lose his security deposit and then his wife would cry. And stuff. w0rd. I'm out bitchez.
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