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To get a section 8, you have to tell them you're crazy, but only a sane man knows that he's crazy...

Whether it be games, work, women, or any other random thing in life, I find that I do better when I don't care and I don't try than I do when it makes a difference to me. How does one become indifferent to everything in life? If I try to be indifferent, won't I simply fail at being indifferent? Can you be indifferent about being indifferent? The only two women whom I've felt comfortable having any sort of physical interaction with (ie holding hands, initiating a kiss, the sort of stuff that involves taking a swing and getting to first base), I was indifferent about how they'd react because I knew that I wouldn't be hurt by the outcome. I can play a mean game of pool if I'm not paying attention to the game. Work isn't a problem for me until I start to focus on it and don't let myself just go with the flow.

I am my greatest foe. Until I figure out how to defeat myself, I can never win. I will always defeat myself. Anyone got a cheat code? The Contra code doesn't seem to work.

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