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Conspiracy theory!

i propose that bradfitz and/or evan and/or dormando are behind the debacle that is Smithbrad/Amenlover. why do i make such a radical proposition? consider the point in time at which Amenlover really came upon the scene. at about that time, Brad was enduring politically correct jabs from overly sensitive twerps who felt that they could cause a fervor throughout livejournal by bitching about everything he ever said. at the same time, he'd been talking about a "secret project" that he was working on for livejournal, something that only his really close compatriots knew about. soon thereafter, amenlover came upon the scene. much of the attention that would have normally been devoted to berating Brad for something or another was turned to Amenlover and everyone's need to thrash him for his bigotted, hate-filled beliefs. suddenly most of LJ was leaving Brad alone and focusing their attention on the Amen Circus. how coincidental...

another thing to note: is a puget sound based internet provider and web service providing internet access and connection to the seattle area. but amenlover lives in Florida, supposedly...or does he? ba ba ba bum! this suggests that it has to be someone in the seattle area, which is about a 1000+ LJ members. probably more like 2000 actually. it could even be you Lurker. yes, you... :) probably not though, cause i doubt you're that bored. i'm slowly but surely narrowing this all down...

Addendum: Brad claims he isn't...damn...oh well.
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