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So this is the new year...

The Woodstock Inn sent me a postcard thanking me for staying there in 2003 and letting me know that they would love to have my business again. I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, just like this reference. It occurs to me that most people won't have a clue what I'm talking about as I never really talked about this on LiveJournal. Long story short, in early October of 2003 I had booked a room (the Oriental Room) there for the weekend for Jamie and I to get away from town in late November. We didn't end up going because I started having second thoughts about the whole thing because she had been spending more time with Scott at the time and, as much as I was looking forward to that weekend, I didn't want to spend that much money to spend two days with someone that I wasn't sure had eyes for me (anymore/ever?) and have it as one more thing to look back on and go "blech" about. It's a really nice place and, should I find myself so fortunate, it'd probably be a place I'd consider taking a serious girlfriend for a weekend. In any case, it was an odd thing to find in the mailbox.

Sometimes I am too cryptic for my own good. On the other hand, some things always stay the same. In the olden days, I posted way too much. This makes 1900.

All the shows that I plan on seeing in the next few months so far, aside from Sage Francis, are on Tuesday nights. I know this because I mentioned all of them to my brother before realizing they were all on school nights, Tuesday nights to be exact. Indie rock hates high school kids. Or maybe just my brother.

It looks like I'll be getting out of here earlier than I thought I might. Thank goodness for that. Plans for the evening probably include simply going home, making myself something to eat, and folding some laundry. Look at me, the party monster!
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