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so i've decided that i need to find another way to make some money on top of my job i already have. i'd rather not go out and get another part time job, at least until my break. i think i'll figure out my schedule for classes next semester and see where i can squeeze in a second job. i really would like the money. i could get by with what i make now, but i would be more comfortable with slightly more cash flowing into my pocket.

along a similar vein, though it isn't something that is due to my greed, i've decided i'm going to begin fasting, to an extent. i'm going to do a little minor research and get some relatively healthy foods that are inexpensive to live off of, for the most part, for the next month or so to see how my body will respond. there are several reasons: a) i need to eat healthier in general. i've been trying to eat more and more healthy as of late, but now it's time to finally just kick myself into gear and do it; b) i'd like to ween myself onto a healthier diet that is also inexpensive so as to perhaps save myself some money that is definitely wasted on lunch at everyday; c) i just feel the need to, so sue me =P

so any suggestions on either? your input is valued. ;)

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