Sean (darksoul) wrote,

How did OUR oil get in THEIR sand?

Once upon a time, The Grimace came to White Trash Town and brought them scissors with which to cut the noose. The Hamburglar ratted him out to Mayor McCheese in hopes of being let off the hook for his vampiric addiction to the greasy veins of Middle America. Now The Grimace pays penance every day, tied to a rock high atop the corpse of the American Dream, his liver eaten from his body by machinery that reprocesses the meat. Every night, while haunted by the terrible visage of Ronald McDaterapist, his liver regrows, only to be eaten again and again and again. Every day, that machinery is there to pump out more Big Macs to feed the Hamburglar's habit and keep everyone blind to the terror wreaked in the name of Justice by McCheese and his gang of Fry Guys. Forget about all that and have yourself a warm Apple McPie.
Tags: personal writing project, political ranting

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