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"Why, if God is good, is there evil in the world?" He replied, "to thicken the plot."

Dear America,
It's a good thing people are only writing these letters to you in their personal space and they aren't actually mailing them to a central address. I can only imagine how many of these letters will be written today, much less over the next four years. I, for one, would like to apologize to you for all that's gone on in your name over the last four years and all that will go on in your name for the next four years. Some people might interpret that to mean "Dubya is gonna kill us all" because I'm a raging Democrat, but that's not it. What I mean to say is that I'm sorry that Democrats every where are going to be soiling your name as a way of combatting Republicans and that Republicans every where are going to be wiping the blood from their hands with your flag in the name of protecting us from terrorists and Liberal bleeding hearts. I'm sorry that the people of this great land have become so polarized that we have become a black or white land. I'm sorry that yesterday was merely a charade, an exercise in futility for everyone involved, both Democrat and Republican, because all it did was further prove how disparate we are as a people.

As I write this, Republicans all over this country are patting one another on the back and laughing about how "those damn dirty Liberals" are whining and complaining too much. "Their guy lost, they need to get over it!" All over the country, Democrats are shaking their heads, saddened by the slim margin by which Bush won and by the visions they have of what's to come. Republicans are plotting out the glorious America that can be once we defeat the terrorists and the liberal media. Democrats are scrambling to avoid the phantom threat they perceive of a White House bent on taking away all their rights and throwing the citizenship into Concentration Camps in the name of National Security. The gap between both parties is growing, with those in the middle becoming increasingly restless because no one truly sides with them. The hate and anger the left and the right share is only surpassed by their ignorance, or worse, their feigned ignorance and their heavy push to keep as many other people as ignorant as they can.

When I was a kid, I loved history classes. In high school, American Government and American History were my favorite classes of all. We learned about a country where anyone can become the President of the United States. We learned that everyone has the right to stand up and have their voice heard. We learned about the power of the vote and that if our politicians are not doing right by the people, the people will vote them out of office. We learned that religion and government are kept seperate (while we ignored that our lunch money praised god). We learned that the job of government is to regulate taxes, services, our military, foreign affairs, education, and a host of other things, in such a fashion as to benefit the American people as a whole. We learned that politicians are supposed to enact laws that are beneficial to the public at large, even if they aren't popular amongst some of the populace, for the good of the people.

High school taught me a lot of things that turned out to be bullshit when you viewed things with a skeptical and inquisitive eye. The lesson I learned was to beware false prophets that come to you in sheep's clothing, for getting your hopes up only leaves you vulnerable and open to pain and failure. A simple majority of our nation has gained further control over our nation, while a major minority amongst us trembles in fear of what it all means. The America I was taught to love has been hijacked by our own stagnation and ignorance. The people of this nation have become complacent, comfortable living in a society fueled by media fearmongering. The Republicats and Democrans didn't bring this upon us, we brought it upon ourselves.

I'm sorry America. I'm sorry that you'll be dragged through the mud by people on both sides of the aisle. I'm sorry that we'll continue killing innocent people overseas and supporting brutal dictators in the land of the living dead while waving your banner. It's the story of your life, I guess. One day you'll live up to your own hype.

A secret admirer
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