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Too bad the sardines in the can weren't better looking that night...

Floating along in a sleep-deprived haze, I dragged Bobbert (not to be confused with Bobbo) Hernando to a crowded mass of emo-riffic Low-Renters to enjoy some crooning. Norfolk & Western rescinded their name in favor of being known as The Knights Who Say Nee for the rest of the evening, much to the chagrin of 5 people in the bar who actually heard them AND thought it was funny. I was more concerned about making my way to the bathroom at some point before my bowels exploded. As The Decemberists ascended the stage, I decided it was now or never if I was going to try to wade through the sea of people to the back of the swank-bar-turned-flesh-pit-of-possible-doom to the bathrooms. When I finally reached the meat locker, it occured to me that fewer people have touched my ass in the last 5 years than touched my ass whilst I punched a hole through the masses. That is until I tried to make my way back, during the second song of The Decemberists' set. I finally made my way through the crowd and back to my seat in the back around song five. The bar's capacity was posted above the door, 265 people maximum. I'm hard pressed to believe there were less than that many cattle in the bar. Funnier still was when Bob decided to go hunt for the bathroom around song seven. I can't recall for certain, but I don't think he made his way back until song fifteen or so, enough time for me to flag down the one waitress actually working, order a drink, and have it delivered before he could get back. All the same, I'm glad I went, even while sleep-deprived.

RJD2 is next Saturday night. I've yet to decide for sure if I'm going or not. I think I'm supposed to be at some haunted house thing tonight with my co-workers, but I didn't hear anything about it all week. Unless someone calls me about it soon, I'm not bothering with going. It'd help if more than 2 or 3 people from work had my number. Good thing I'm not too enthusiastic about going. I'll probably head home from the MS Society for some Prince Of Persia ackshun.
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