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I have become the very thing I've been trying to avoid.

Wow. I know I say this with just about every show, but I've never meant it like I mean it this time: go see Badly Drawn Boy. It doesn't even matter if you like bluesy jazzy alternative emoish folk rock. If you have an appreciation for music in general, I can't see how you wouldn't enjoy this band. Rhapsody labels them as "Post-Modern Pop", but that's a bullshit excuse for a genre. It's sort of a blend of electronica and indie rock, with some sampling and other various genres mixed in. Genre-free bands make me happy. Anyway.

There was some brief talk during the show about Elliot Smith, followed by a dedication of "Fewer Words" to his memory. It's scary to realize that he's been gone for nearly a year now. Time passes quickly. His post-humous album came out today. It's been receiving rave reviews so far, but I haven't heard any tracks from it myself.

The Decemberists are Thursday night at the Jackpot Saloon, $8. I'm going, with or without you. Music has stolen my soul.
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