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She is beautiful, but she don't mean a thing to me...

Time has a funny habit of playing tricks on our minds. Jamie was telling me about how she was feeling very old recently because of how distant she feels from the person she was in high school and how different her relationships are with people from that time. I tried to explain to her that it was the "distance makes the heart grow fonder" principle of time at work, though I fear she misunderstood this as a come-on rather than an example of how the passage of time affects our perception of friendships and emotions and the way events occurred. In any case, this is a conversation that I find myself having more often lately than seems normal. Maybe it's the time of year. Maybe everyone I know is starting to feel age breathing down their neck. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I've lost my knack for freeing the demons from my mind and none of this will make sense to anyone other than me. Probably so.

Death Cab For Cutie was a great show. Nothing really special to note about the show. It touched upon cathartic for me at several points, but there were a variety of factors playing in to that. There were some familiar faces among the crowd (including "the stalker" who ceased their stalking rather abruptly after the Cheating Kay show; I wonder if this is another case of someone being superficial and not having an interest in me due to my lack of a washboard stomach, but that's a rant for another time). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any phone posts for you people, which sucks because they did an awesome cover of U2's "With Or Without You". C'est la vie.

Tomorrow night is Badly Drawn Boy, Thursday night is The Decemberists. It never ends. I still need a partner in crime for Thursday...
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