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I know that you need help, but even I can't save you from yourself...

Last night's Her Space Holiday show was excellent. I didn't listen much to the opening acts (they weren't bad, I was just focused on playing pool with pretty girls instead of focusing on music. PRIORITIES MAN, PRIORITIES!), but I did pick up a few albums at the merch booth. I'd link to the Steve Burns phone post bonanza where we learned just how important the merch booth is, but I'm lazy. Suffice to say that I <3 merch booths. Her Space Holiday was spectacular and a good time was had by all. Highlight tracks that they played include Japanese Gum, Tech Romance, a cover of Atmosphere's Modern Man's Hustle, and closing out the night with Sleepy California. I picked up their Something Blue ep and had it signed. There was much chuckling and patting on the back at how clever we were between myself and the singer over the fact that only a handful of people probably recognized the Atmosphere cover. He's a bigger Sluggo fan than even myself or erik, with GOD<3 UGLY tattooed on on his fingers. All in all, a good time was had.

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