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Modern thought can get the best of you...

Fun things to do: use Amazon's "Search inside this book:" function to look for certain four letter words (and conjugations of them) in Get Your War On, mostly because I'm easily amused, but partly because it's a highly profane, yet funny book.

I'd like to preempt the statement I'm about to make with a notice that I have no music taste whatsoever, so ignore the fact that I'm about to make myself look like some lame emo turd. *cough* Anyway. I can't believe I've yet to pick up any Nick Drake. I've got a handful of tracks here and there from him and enjoy all of them, but I've never given any thought to buying one of his albums. Odd. It may be time to rectify that as I'm in a folky/emo mood lately. In case you were wondering Jen, I'm already working on an itemized list of music I'll be picking up from Shake-It. I'm glad you plan on spending an hour there, because it might take two. :) Surprisingly, I think I may be picking up more emo stuff this time around as I think my hiphop is mostly up to date. The fall is to blame for my emo needs.

My math skills must be out of date. I missed the point where we upgraded to Floridian Math.

Time passes so quickly. I remember days long past as though they were yesterday, yet tomorrow I'll forget what I did today. This last year has been a blur, yet I've changed so much in that short time. Hours and minutes add up quickly in the silence that passes. This time last year, things were changing every moment. Add 396 days and I'm right back in that distant foreign land. The story has changed, for good or bad, but the destination remains the same. Perhaps this time I'll take away something more meaningful than what I left with last year. Perhaps.

I leave pieces of myself wherever I go. Psoriasis of the soul is unable to be cured with normal dandruff shampoo.

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