Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Since I've already gone ahead and signed up to help out erik, I might as well try to hit up other people. is one of those advertising/service referrer programs that give you stuff for getting other people to sign up and apply for one of the services they offer. Get 5 people to sign up and you can get a free iPod (or in my case, $250 worth of music from iTunes). I wouldn't bother mentioning it except that I kind of like the RealRhapsody service they have on there. RealRhapsody is Real's version of iTunes, sort of. For $.99 the first month, $10/month after that, you can listen to anything they have in their library (which, surprisingly, is pretty vast). You can add tracks to your library and create playlists. If you want to burn tracks to cd for listening to offline, it only costs $.79 per track. They give you 5 free burns for signing up and I picked up another 2 burns for looking at some Bacardi ad. I figure that I'll hang on to it for another week or so, see if I can pick up any more free burns, then get rid of the service (I'd keep it if I spent more time at an internet connection where it'd be useful). I'm burning my 7 tracks already. Not too bad for $.99, especially since that's the price of one track on iTunes. Anyway. If you're bored and feel like helping hook me up while getting yourself some cheap music, cool. If not, no biggie. Just thought I'd spread the love.

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