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Because Dave asked for it...

Life Experiences To Hum To, v1.0

Life Experiences To Hum To, v1.24

Eyedea & Abilities - Now (E&A)
Aesop Rock - Daylight (Daylight)
Sage Francis - Message Sent (Personal Journals)
Sage Francis - Inherited Scars (Personal Journals)
Atmosphere - Lovelife (Godlovesugly)
Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker (Shadows On The Sun)
Jay-Z & DJ Danger Mouse - What More Can I Say (The Grey Album)
Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance (Seven's Travels)
El-P - Stepfather Factory (Fantastic Damage)
Buck 65 - Grumpy (Synesthesia)
Sole - Banquet Of Sarcasm (Learning To Walk)
Atmosphere - Hair (Godlovesugly)
Glue - Seconds Away (Seconds Away)
Sage Francis - Rewrite (Dead Poet)
Hip Hop Weiners - Poor Folk (All Beef, No Chicken)
Non Prophets - The Cure (Hope)
Tags: playlists and mix tape discussions

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