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These days it all just runs together...

It seems that I've forgotten how to provide a real update. It's not that I don't keep myself busy or that I'm not out having a good time with people, it just never occurs to me write about any of that. Making it sound interesting to anyone that wasn't there seems more difficult than it's worth. In the interest of keeping everyone up to date, here's a summary of things going on over the last week or so:

- I'm still working both jobs. The new job is going pretty well (most of the time) and the old job isn't going badly. It's nice seeing both of my paychecks deposited on the same day.
- Spent Thursday night in Lawrence with Kate and Meg at the Bottleneck trying to enjoy their 80's night. The DJ didn't help (though I'm sure the music choices weren't ENTIRELY his fault). The couple of doubles I had DID help. :)
- Friday was my first Friday off from the new job. Instead of enjoying it, I went to the second job and put in some hours. I guess I'm trying to be responsible or some crap. Spent a quiet evening alone, with dinner at Chubby's.
- Chucky Lou AV club met on Saturday night to enjoy Evil Dead II. I dragged along Kate, Meg, Halley, and their friend Duncan. Everyone should see EDII in a theater at least once in their life. Good times.
- Yesterday started with 8 hours put in at the new job (which I didn't mind at all). For the first time since we finished training, we had work to do for most of the day. Unfortunately, we managed to kill it off by 5:45, leaving me with 45 minutes to kill before I could feasibly clock out. I chose to wander the building. Dave, the 5th floor is where Tech Support lives. ;) After work I went over to Heather's for a bit (she had an early birthday present for me, a gift card to Borders that I plan to go use today). She wasn't in the mood to leave the house, so I left around 8:45 to go get myself some dinner. I ended up getting a call from Meg and her mom inviting me to come out to the Woodlands with them. Nothing beats watching fireworks from the comfort of an air-conditioned building. Afterwards we hit up Applebee's for some steak and potato love. All in all, a good night.

That's all I got for you today. Try back next week, maybe I'll have something exciting to share.

Also, I'm glad to see that somebodies is posting again.

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