Sean (darksoul) wrote,

*thwacks head repeatedly against his desk* people are really freaking stupid at times, can i mention that? so some "healthy sized gal" literally SAT on Fitz on the bus. he made a post expressing his annoyance at said "healthy sized gal" for having sat on him. suddenly he got attacked by advocates for BBW everywhere for having complained about this woman sitting on him. i have a major problem with this. i'm friends with people of all shapes and sizes and have never cared in the least what a person looks like, choosing to judge them based on actions and personality. on the other hand, who's to say someone isn't allowed to merely describe a person as they see them? especially in their own damned journal. jeez people, have we grown so immature as to have to throw a tantrum every time someone says something we don't like? or is it because Fitz runs LJ that he is subject to different rules than the rest of us? his journal is just that: his journal. if you find him offensive, piss off, you don't have to read it. he's not forcing every LJ member to read his journal at least 3 times a day otherwise they'll be deleted. he isn't required to be a robot for the masses to watch. he's a human, just like the rest of us.

Hello Humanity! An Important Announcement For You All: Get Over It!"

*shakes his head at the idiocy some humans can show at times...*

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