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He's been taking too much on; there he goes with his perfectly unkept hope...

Wanted: Elitist snob female. Must enjoy a wide variety of music (preferably with a heavy background in 90's alternative rock), films (from blockbusters like the LOTR trilogy and Kill Bill to little known movies like Donnie Darko and anything starring Bruce Campbell), books (Vonnegut, Hornsby, Palahniuk, Adams). Leftist political leanings prefered, but not required. Must be able to endure inane film and television references, being able to recognize them a plus. Qualities that will be considered assets: wit & charm, interest in The Cuddling, lack of dramaqueenishness, trivia-nerdishness. Must be willing to be seen in public with me and willing to consider the occasional lunch date with me, assuming our schedules coincide.
I love the intro to this song. These days it's blasphemous to like Pearl Jam, but I'm not afraid to admit it. My cd book contains Versus, Ten, Vitalogy, No Code, and Yield. At some point I'll pick up Lost Dogs and Riot Act, the former for some of the classic bootlegs, the latter for the sake of owning it. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. I have worse.
Kurt Vonnegut on liberals, conservatives, and Fossil Fuel: The Original Designer Drug. Thanks to Chad for the link.
Sometimes I feel the urge to be a dick. At least it entertains me.

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