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Where is Harrison Ford because this must be Blade Runner...

Stupid hoes get what they deserve.

For the record, Caffeine Free Diet Sprite tastes like ass. I don't know how they do it, but it seems like every diet soda has that same distinct after-taste. You know the one I'm talking about, the one where it tastes like you've got a moist gym sock caught in your throat. *gags*

"The other side hasn't offered much in the way of strategy to win the war," Mr. Bush said. The large and enthusiastic crowd shouted back "Four More Years." That's funny, I didn't realize we were at war. I thought we were an occupying force in a foriegn land trying to bring peace and prosperity to those less fortunate than us. Apparently we're at war with them, though. I feel like I need Cliff's Notes to keep up with the ever-changing reasons that we're in Iraq and Afghanistan. What's that you say? What's Afghanistan? I dare say that I've forgotten myself...

This just in: London's supply of Wonka Bars has been completely wiped out. THERE ARE NO MORE WONKA BARS IN LONDON!!! FEAR FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

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