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Don't wave your rights with your flag...

I remember telling Leslie that I thought that the crazy Wisconsin girl who was reported kidnapped was actually just faking it. They're finally charging her for obstructing officers. I knew something was fishy about the situation when they said she'd been attacked the month before but had no witnesses or evidence of an attack. Then when they released that video of her leaving her apartment alone, I knew the whole thing had to be a hoax. *shakes his head*

The road to cyborg death machines begins here.

Stolen from erik, an article at Slate deconstructing Bush's way of thinking after last night's press conference.

From Letterman last night:
Earlier tonight George W. Bush gave a live press conference ... it's such a big deal that Fox ... they decided they would preempt their American Idol show and would just have the George W. Bush press conference instead and I thought that makes sense. You don't want too many amateurs on the same night.

It warms me inside to find a piece on last night's press conference in the Oddly Enough section at Reuters.

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