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Of all the things I miss, I miss myself the most...

Dreaming comes to me easiest when I get to sleep before midnight. Before 11 and I end up having vivid and bizarre dreams. Last night I was an angsty passive-aggressive Jesus, bitter at the world and at my Father. People would praise me and I'd make a point to ruin them in some fashion because I didn't want anyone to think so highly of me. Upon waking, I simply chuckled and fell asleep again. Then Jody Morton was hitting on me at what I believed to have been our 5 year reunion. I was fairly uninterested. My life is more interesting when I'm unconcious, even if I am awake.

The change of season seems to affect others more than me. I'm almost jealous. Then I realize that it's because my emotions are out of whack regardless of the time. Wouldn't you like to know.

i just hope they know
how much i really care
how i want the best for them
even though i'm hardly there

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