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I've been hooked on the shit since game systems came in wood-grain.

I've put in an app to become a corporate shill (no offense Dave). Part of me feels a little bit dirty and underhanded, especially since I haven't mentioned the idea of me leaving to anyone here at the office. Then the smarter part of me kicks in and reminds the whole that we need to make better money and that's not going to happen here, no matter how awesome it is to work here. We'll see what happens. I'd say to send me good luck thoughts, but they hire C.H.U.D.D.s apparently, so they better want me. Yes, the spelling back there was intentional. No, I won't let you in on the joke.

My interest in video games is returning. I don't know if this is because I found a number of games that I'd like to go back to playing again during my reorganization of my stuff or if it's just that I need a distraction.

I'm pretty random these days. I apologize to you, the bored reader.

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