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...makes you talk a little lower about the things you could not show her...

Time has a habit of changing one's perspective on things, of shifting your interpretation of everything, be it the past, the present, music, politics, Life, The Universe, anything and everything.

Anna Begins would probably be ranked in my Top Five favorite songs of all time, probably fighting for first with Don McLean's American Pie. In the past, I always viewed it as a love song about a couple trying to make it through a rough patch where they don't want to admit that they love each other because it'd be easier not to. It occurred to me, while listening to the song last night prior to drifting off to sleep, that it's an unrequited love song. Not once do we hear about Anna loving him back. Duritz sings on and on about whether it's love or not, about how every little thing she does makes him question how he feels, but not once does he have a thing to say about her feelings. I finally realized that all he's doing is reaching out for any little thing he can to hold on to her (or even his fading memories of her). In the end, she fades away, not just leaving him alone but disappearing from even his memory.

I should take this knowledge to heart.

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