Sean (darksoul) wrote,

well, it ran through the entirity of Sleepy Hollow without a hitch. I'm just using it as a glorified cd player right this moment while i actually *gasp* do work for work. i'm thinking this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between my laptop and i. *sigh* it's so pretty too... :-) enough of that! heh heh heh

in all seriousness, it seems that it really was just a lack of system resources. i'm not surprised in the least, btw. now i know a couple of new things to look for when my comp at home is having issues. boy do i feel dumb for not having known to check that before though. that's why they pay me to do basic level tech work and they pay guys like the guy that helped me to do actually tech support stuff. i am kind of amazed that the corporate tech weasel was so helpful bizarre...

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