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"Gigli Gigli Gigli", or "I just don't know what to do with myself"

This weekend was not long enough. Friday night was spent wandering about aimlessly with Dan. Good times. Did you know that there is a satanic Wal-Mart at 159th and Metcalf? Go forth and worship the dark lord through your love of commerce. Saturday was a bore. My mom and I moved the Contour to the Batcave. Later Dave and I hit On The Border for some food and Video Library for some entertainment. Apparently the goon at the counter did not see the humor in our renting of Howard The Duck, Predator 2, and The Last Temptation Of Christ. The evening was filled with random chants of "Gigli Gigli Gigli", followed by a raucous of chuckling.

Sunday was bizarre. We went to my grandparent's house for the afternoon to help them pack (they're moving). Their next door neighbors were having a birthday party for their kids. At one point, this teenager/parent climbed up into this short tree, taking a toddler with her. One of the other toddlers, upon seeing them in the tree, decided that he should hit them with a broom until they came down from the tree or wonderful candy came forth from their innards. Did any of us put a stop to this? Oh no, we just stood back and laughed. Eventually the kid saw something else that interested him and stopped beating the woman and child. Afterwards I headed home for a quiet evening with the house to myself. Meg and Kate invaded my home later in the evening (not that I mind random invasions of cute girls or anything) and we spent the late evening watching Howard The Duck and Airheads before I kicked them out.

Now I'm here. Bored. One week and counting.

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