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We won't see no Justice til that bitch removes her blindfold!

This weekend was pretty quiet. Friday night I dressed up and spent the evening hanging out with Chrissy and Monkey. Why is it that random people always want to buy drugs from me? When I spent more time in Westport, people would try to get me to sell them pot or they'd try selling it to me. Friday night some guy asked me to hook him up with some ecstasy. Do I look like someone that might hook you up? *shakes his head* My body decided that Saturday needed to be spent snoozing until 1:30 or so. We went out to my grandparent's house to help them get started with moving. Later the sibling and I ventured out to Red Robin for some dinner. For once we had a boring evening. No crazy people. No brilliant and funny ideas. Just dinner. It was kind of scary. Yesterday was spent clearing brush at the bottom of the hill in front of the house. My car (the dead Contour) is going to be shifted into Bat Cave mode, ready to take off at a moment's notice, you know, if it ran.

In other news:


Nothing will ruin Xaul Xan day. Not a 2 foot tall child running around screaming and giggling and banging on doors with their ball. Not breaking computers. NOTHING WILL RUIN REX MANNING XAUL XAN DAY!!!

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