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Mmmmm. Tentacles.

I miss having people that I can call up and have lunch with. Breadsticks from Fazoli's will have to fill that hole for now. MMM, FILL MY HOLE WITH BREADSTICK LOVE!!!

Really, it's that sort of a day. Earlier I was working on escape plans, but by time I got them far enough along to be useful, it was too late in the day to make them useful. Only 1 1/2 more hours to go. I can feel my soul being sucked out of me as time slowly creeps by.

Today's horror scopage says that I should attempt to repair rifts in communication. I say that it needs to say that I'm going to find a winning lottery ticket or meet a beautiful woman that makes me want to stay in for a week rather than leave her side. It's a sham, regardless. My destiny is rarely predictable.

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