Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Phone Post: Internet at Cronic

487K 2:21
“I didn’t think it was so weird the other day when I was at Lucky Brewgrille, to see that they have wireless internet there now. Cuz, you know, there are some people that come in there and have business meetings or whatever - and you know you could….possibly need the wireless internet or you could be in there doing some studying and havin’ a burger and some fries. It’s not really the kind of restaurant I’d go to to study, but you know, you never know.

And there’s a little coffee shop next door and coffee shops are good places to have wireless internet connections. Though, this particular coffee shop is pretty crappy, it’s got some crappy tables, they don’t even serve hot chocolate.

I didn’t think that was so weird.

I do however find it strange that I’m sitting at Sonic, waiting for my meal. And uh, I see that there’s a sticker for the same company that is doing the wireless internet at Lucky Brewgrille on the bottom of the menu here at Sonic.

WHY would you ever want to log into wireless internet with your laptop computer at Sonic?

I can understand maybe, if you were using a pda, but, uh…….at Sonic?


I’m thinking maybe this whole wireless internet thing is going a little too far. That said, if, uh, the wireless internet connection here, uh was fast and free which I don’t even know if it’s free - the little sticker does not suggest whether it’s free or not. If it was free and fast, hell yeah I’d use it. I’d sit up here, eat my meal, download stuff off the internet. I’d play me some uh, Unreal Tournament. I’d do all sorts of stuff while sitting here waiting for my food.

But that’s because I’m a loser. Anyway. I just wanted uh, to mention that uh, the wireless world is growing far too fast.

buh bye.”

Transcribed by: missmonkey

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