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I love myself better than you...

Stolen from several other people, a link about the press corp anally ravaging Scott McClellan, the whitehouse Press Secretary, about Dubya's National Guard service. Here's the thing that irks me about all of this: these records were all widely available on the internet more than a year ago. I've seen them myself and I think I may have even linked to them at one point. Wake up press corp! I guess it's better late than never.

d00d, George, this has been the case since the 50's. There was this thing called the Cold War. During that time, the United States and the USSR stockpiled nuclear weapons and worked on crazy biological weapons that they could use to destroy one another. When the Cold War began to fade away, a lot of that stuff got into the hands of bad people. Some of it WE put into the hands of bad people (see Donald Rumsfeld and his role in creating chemical plants in Iraq). *shakes his head* Someone needs to re-educate that man.

Tank for sale.

O'Reilly admits that he is an idiot. Oops, sorry, I mean that he admits that his support of war was misplaced. He'd never admit that he's an idiot.

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