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Tyler Durden: 21st century Nietzschean scholar or psychotic sociopath?

so i've been getting pulled into discussions about fight club. not that that's a bad thing. much the opposite. i just find it amusing is all. the film wasn't giving great reviews by the normal people. rather, it was just one more wierd movie. i don't think the average person took much from the film. on the other hand, those of us who have way too much time on our hands saw more in the film, saw what we were supposed to see. a movie about the degradation of society, about how stupid it all really is. a commentary on so much of society, from our inability to cope with our own lives, the american need to obsess about worthless things that will decompose along with us, about our foolish need for a path to follow because none of us have a path of our own (broad general statement, don't take me too literally), etc. the movie took a piss on the american way of life, and yet no one really seemed to complain. what does that say about our way of life?

::sighs:: i wish i could have been born in medieval times...forget the fact that i'd be dead in about 4 to 10 years, it would have just been nice to live in a time uncomplicated by technology's wiles. a squire, a poet, a warrior, a farmer....any of these would have preferable to this shabby life of small rooms, dimly lit monitors, stressful co-workers who know nothing of their jobs, rich people who have no proof of their fortunes aside from a computer screen acknowledgement that they are rich, and starbucks. c'est la vie....

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