Sean (darksoul) wrote,

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I am the birthday cake that you light up, blow out, cut up and forget about...

Problem: Hunger.
  Solution A: Make some mac & cheese.
    Pro: No more hunger.
    Con: Not hungry for it, too much effort for too little reward.
  Solution B: Cereal.
    Pro: No more hunger, easy to make.
    Con: Not very fulfilling.
  Solution C: Pizza delivered to the door.
    Pro: Easy, relatively cheap, left-overs.
    Con: Pizza Hut is the only place that'll deliver to my house, but I'm on Pizza Hut burnout.
  Solution D: Go hungry.
    Pro: Cheap, easy, no poisons entering the system.
    Con: Nothing entering the system.

Maybe I'll just make some popcorn and watch The Tick.
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