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Between the superhuman and the inhuman, I have had little space in which to be human.

I'm sorry,
The perfect words escape me when I need them most.
I can't be strong all the time.
There's nothing simple that can be done to make things right.
All I want is to forget just long enough to close my eyes at night.
There are things I regret, no matter what I say to the contrary.
You'll never know what was written on my heart.
I let you see me cry.
I hold back what needs to be said.
I mouth off without concern of the poison in my sting.
I'm selfish, but at least I'm honest about it.
There isn't a rewind or a fast forward switch on my skull.
I was never able to be totally honest, even at the height of things.
You'll never know me.
I'll never understand you.
Time slips away so quickly.
Missing you stings so deeply.
Needing you fades by the day.
Knowing me gets in the way.
Most of all, though, I'm sorry that knowing me has thrown a gear in the works.
If I could fix everything, I would.
I'm sorry everyone hurts sometimes.

- in memory of a lifetime of lost yesterdays
  in honor of getting back to basics

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