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Maybe you're crazy in the head, baby...

It's for reasons like this that I'm considering putting movie night on the backburner. This month is an exception because a number of people have expressed an interest to me outside of LJ, but most of those folks will probably only be making an appearance this month. As it is, the only "regular" I've got left appears to be Bob (assuming that Jamie's sadly lacking presence in my life at this point is an indicator that she will no longer be attending the festivities and maybe Jamie). I feel that Bob, my brother, and myself would have a better time if we went and MST3K'd a movie amongst the public rather than sitting around watching films that the three of us have probably already seen. This prevents me from "wasting" perfectly good line-ups. That's not to say that I don't highly appreciate Bob's company, but to say that I devote at least a little bit of effort in coming up with films that fit well together and I'd like to share that experience with a group. Anyway. I'm still going to put up a poll each month to see if anyone actually has an interest that month. If I don't hear back from at least 3 people who definitely plan on coming, then I'm going to fall back on the "catching a movie at the theater" plan. Blah blah blah.

In other news, my christmas shopping is nearly complete. I've got a few things left to pick up and a couple of people whom I'm stumped as to what to get them. They may end up with gift cards or "I.O.U. one dinner" coupons. It's not the route I'd like to go, but I'm hitting a wall here. We'll see how things go.

Last night I saw a Honda Accord with a personalized plate that said "POOP". I laughed for a good five minutes.

Friday night/early early early Saturday morning, I realized that there are few things in the world as relaxing as walking through lightly falling snow in the pre-dawn hours. Rather than have Beth get stuck when she dropped me off, I had her drop me off down the street and proceeded to trek home on the untrodden snow. It made me long for the days of sitting in graveyards late at night, enjoying the peace that falls over this town around 2:30 in the morning.

I'm off. There is Christmas shopping to try and complete. I'm a 7 to 10 digit dial away, should you need me.

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