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Irony is a dish best served with a fine vinaigrette and a flavorful red wine...

Blah. I need out of this town, out of this place, out of this pitfall trap and out of this face.

Bob: i really am Batman
Bob: either that or i've been writing the wrong name on the inside of my underwear for years
RevFajita: Batman's going to be pissed when he finds out you stained his underwear
Bob: i'm Batman, damn it
Bob: why else would i have a pole to my secret underground layer?
RevFajita: so do you, um, wrap your legs around this pole and slide down it to gain entrance to this lair?
Bob: yeah. so what?
Bob: it doesn't make me gay
RevFajita: sure it doesn't

Plans for the night include picking my brother up from the mall where my mom plans to ditch him and having dinner with Beth. She invited me to come hang out with her and her cousin for a bit. I'm not sure if I'm game for that or not yet. We'll see what mood I'm in later. I'm in the mood to be around people and I could deal with just Beth. Her cousin is just a bit too much for me though. *shrugs* It'll be good for me to get out of the house at least. What I need is a coffee shop that has a bar at it where I can go with my friends who are so inclined to hang out, play some chess, and have some long intellectual conversations with about nothing at all. Or an arcade with a bar. I know where to find both in Ohio. Financially though, it'd be better if I could find them here. Ah well.

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