Sean (darksoul) wrote,

yeah, so i applied to buy a laptop. $68 a month for 45 months for an 800mhz PIII with a 10 gig hd, 32 mb 3d video card, 128 ram, 2 dimms worth instead of the 1 dimm stick; standard 56.6 modem and 10/100 network adapter, 8x dvd-rom... *drools* i realize i'm paying more than it's worth in the end, but it's worthwhile for me to have a laptop to truck around wherever. especially if i follow the freelancer route with programming. even if i can't follow that route, it'll still be nice to have a 2nd comp between me and jen so i can get stuff done without fighting for the main PC.

in other news, still talking to that wierdo. i'm sure you'll read this, so i just want to mention that when you finally do leave for baltimore, yo' butt best be calling me occasionally or at least emailing me every now and then. :) it'll suck to lose my best friend just because of something silly like distance...

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