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all that wasted time could've been put to better use, i'm no happier today than i was then...

3 years is a long time. A lot of things have happened in those 3 years.

Probably kicking around at home tonight. My mom needs the car in the early evening, which kills my christmas shopping that I thought I might do. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Jamie at some point, followed by hanging out with Chrissy Dan (he'll be in town for the day) at some later point. Sunday is empty. I'll probably end up hiding at home.

Lately I've had a knack for getting the first comment in the Penny Arcade feed. It's not that I get some satisfaction out of it. I just like ensuring that some idiot won't come in with their "3y3 g0tt3n d3r f1r5t p0573n!!1!1!one! HARDY HAR HAR!" crap. Really, it's kind of sad.

i'm wishing you a-well
mind at peace within your cell
covers up, i cast you off
i'll be watching as you breathe
i lie still, you move
i send you off around the bend
i hold your head deep in my arms
my fingertips they close your eyes
off you dream, my little child
there's a sun around the bend (yes)
there's a sun around the bend
all the evenings close like this
all these moments that i've missed
please forgive me, won't you, dear?
please forgive and let me share...
with you around the bend
you're an angel when you sleep
how i want your soul to keep
on and on around the bend

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