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I dreamt I saw you walking up a hillside in the snow...

I want to move away from here
I want to move on from this
I'm sick of being tired
I'm sick of having my faith stepped on
I'm sick of losing hope
I'm sick of losing
Over the years I've lost more than I've gained
Been kicked in the head the moment I got ahead
My back doesn't say "Welcome"
So quit scraping your shoes on my spine
I was there for you when you got yours
Where were you when I got mine?
Every morning is a struggle
When you don't feel a need to survive
I gave up hope
You forgot that I was alive
No big deal
I've been here before
You can't reach me here
I can't be hurt any more

I don't especially like it, but maybe it'll grow on me or I'll revise it. Read into it what you will, you'll not scrape an iota of reality from it.

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