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Clever got me this far...

RevFajita: ...i find the most fucked up music by accident sometimes
Okuraseru: ?
RevFajita: i downloaded this live recording of a concert by a perfect circle
RevFajita: one of the tracks features them doing a cover of the song "I Want It That Way" from whichever crappy boy band
Okuraseru: hahahaha
RevFajita: they wrap the whole thing up with a cover of Master Of Puppets
Okuraseru: backsteet boys
RevFajita: that's it
Okuraseru: i love them
Okuraseru: they are my idols
Okuraseru: ....fucking wife
Okuraseru: dammit
Okuraseru: get up for 2 seconds
Okuraseru: now I'm gay

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