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It's been an odd day full of films. My Red Vs. Blue dvd arrived yesterday. I spent this morning watching it. Excellent stuff. This afternoon was set aside to watching Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Spectacular film. I recommend it to anyone who has the least bit taste in film. If you don't at least appreciate it as a well-made film, you're a horrible person whose taste is highly questionable. I'll have to pick it up one of these days. This evening I watched Kill Bill. It definitely lived up to my expectations. I would say that it's probably Tarantino's best work (though it's hard to say any of his films are better than the others, even From Dusk Til Dawn). I eagerly anticipate Volume 2.

And now, a note: Movie night for December will be taking place on December 27th so that Kathleen can attend. Those people who regularly show up to movie night agreed at the last movie night, so I decided there was no need to take a vote. :P

This weekend has proven to be rather beneficial to my mental well-being. I've gotten some things sorted out in my brain, put up a few sanity filters, and made some realizations that were staring me in the face, awaiting discovery. There's still a little angst there, but there'll always be a little angst there. For the most part, my mind and heart are healed. There are still a few bruises and scrapes that need healing, but I know that I'll be able to carry on.

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