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Rumors follow everywhere you go...

Drip. Drip. Drip. For days, the faucet had been leaking. Drip. Drip. Drip. At first it was simply annoying. I turned the tv on for awhile, cranking up the volume to tune it out. After a couple hours, enough water had accumulated in the basin that it was making a loud plunking sound. No matter how high I turned up the volume on the tv, I could still hear it. Eventually I turned the tv off in disgust and decided to read a book. Six hours later I'd tuned it out.

It's been a week. I've barely moved from my chair. Food, piss, sit, sulk. Drip. Drip. Drip. There's a puddle on the floor, growing drip by drip by drip. A fifteen second walk to the kitchen sink would solve the problem. It isn't like I haven't been in there a half-dozen times since the sink started leaking. At some point the sound just became comforting. Around day 3, the sink was overflowing, so the dripping doubled it's speed, one drip in the sink, one on the floor. Drip drip. Drip drip. Drip drip. It wasn't as though I didn't know that this leak was going to destroy everything. I was well aware of the high water bill that I'd be seeing in the near future. I knew just how much damage that water on the floor was doing. Stopping the leak would have required a minimum of effort. Yet, for some reason, there was a tiny wall in my brain that just wouldn't let me turn the handle on the faucet. Drip drip. Drip drip. Drip drip. The sink was bringing about the self-destruction of my home. Drip drip. Drip drip. Drip drip. I just sat in my chair, staring off into space, drifting further from reality. Drip drip. Drip drip. Drip drip. Eventually it'll end. Eventually all things end.

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