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isn't it ironic, don't you think?


i'm so very tired with this soap opera life. so very, very tired...


i also tire of knowing things that i either shouldn't know about or that i ought to have realized weren't just my imagination. i ignore my intuitions and just continue on like life is peachy, thinking that it must be a) paranoia, b) reading too much into things, c) something i can't fix before its final fall, so why try?, or it falls into the miscellaneous reasons why i just choose to disregard the knowledge. so much stored up in this head of mine that i just let slip away into limbo. i know i'm making no sense to anyone, and that's probably just one more example of me being an escapist, running or ignoring my major problems in the name of continuing on to the next day. more to come later when i've solved this hunger problem i'm having...

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