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i made my bed, but it took forever to sleep in it. i'm still waiting for it to settle in...

I don't know what bothers me more: seeing Atmosphere's "Trying To Find A Balance" video amongst MTV's featured video list, or the fact that it won't load. It doesn't matter because I found it elsewhere. It's just disturbing seeing Slug's ugly mug on, methinks.

Some days I get to work and I want to listen to very specific albums from my insanely large collection (one of these days I ought to make a post with a full listing of what I own). Since I got my new computer at the office, I've taken to ripping those albums as soon as the tray gets inside the machine. I blame iTunes for being the sexiest player ever, making it possible for me to rip cds in a matter of moments whilst I do other things. I'll have my cd backup project done in no time at this rate.

This made my whole damn week.

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