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saw the moon in a way i've never seen it before when i looked up that night...

How were Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man related? Was it simply a coincidence that they shared a last name? Was Pac-Man Junior their son? Was he able to turn into a giant because of some sort of strange mutation in his genes from being the product of incest? These are questions that those silly cut-scenes don't answer but should. What sort of lesson are we teaching our kids?

We need to reacquaint, things are different now.
I ain't the same man I was.
Hi, how you doing?
I'm new and improved with even less to lose.

This post brought to you in lieu of the actual post that I wanted to make. Sometimes the words just aren't there to express what the heart needs to vacate. It seems that I'm afflicted with this debilitating infection more often than not lately. There's a pecking order currently for who gets those few precious words when they decide to climb their way out of my bottomless pit and unfortunately for you, those words self-destruct upon utterance. Blame my mother. Too much television as a child led me to believe that all important messages disintegrated as soon as they saw the light of day so that no one would ever learn your secrets. Go-go-gadget-heartsleeve.

I know I'm supposed to change the world and all.
Looks like the world got to me first.
If you can't beat'em, join'em,
And hurt the team by beating yourself.
Tags: female problems, personal writing project

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