Sean (darksoul) wrote,

hmmm...i wonder if i should inform my boss that she made an error in her calculations...she is giving me a 2.5% raise for my review, but she told me i'll be getting $12.50/hr. that's a 25% raise, not 2.5%....i'll be happy with just making an extra $0.25 an hour, which is what it would come out to. i wonder if anyone will figure this out before my next pay period or if i'll just be making $12.50/hr without anyone realizing that it's too much. i wonder if i should say something...

Addendum: well, she realized her mathematical error about 2 minutes after i made my post. i just laughed when she came in, paranoid that i would be mad about it. *laughs* ah well, knew i was hoping a little too much...

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