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we are the slaves of extraterrestrial visitors...

Tonight I shall hide within my home from no one in particular. Part of me would like to spend time with others, but part of me just wants to hide away. Sleep also demands my attention as well. Harumph. My only plans this weekend are to hang out with Leslie on sunday, with negotiations to make plans underway with Beth. First come, first serve.

sXeHAVOKsXe: Hello
sXeHAVOKsXe: I hate being all friendly and stuff so i'm going to cut to the chase
RevFajita: um, ok
sXeHAVOKsXe: i saw that you have an old blurty early adopter account and i was wondering if you could hand it over to me because you don't use it anymore
RevFajita: yeah, about that. no.

Because I'm more hardcore than straight edge. uNf. I get instant messages like this all the time, except they're normally people asking me if I've got invite codes to share. Unless it's someone I know, I typically tell them I don't have one or that they can have Y0RNID10T. In all honesty, I've got about 115 invite codes just taking up space, I'm just too much of a snob to share them with random schmucks who IM me and just bleat out "GIVE ME UR CODZ!!!" Ah well.

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