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you know what annoys me? people who do events for charities to help them raise money who not only don't collect any money (i'm ok with it under rare circumstances, but typically think you should do more than just show up and get the free t-shirt they give for coming) but also say they are going to collect some terribly idiotic amount. case in point: the account i was just looking through, the woman had done an event and pledged $0.99 for her walk pledge. first of all, the amount of paper products that she has recieved before the walk cost more than a buck. second, who gives just a dollar to a charity for an event? worse yet, she didn't even pay the $0.99 she had pledged. some people can get away with not paying their pledges by claiming they can't afford it. i don't think this is one of those cases. even in the darkest of times, my family could have spared just one dollar. judging from the neighborhood she lives in, she should be able to easily afford $100, much less just $1. the nerve of some people...

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