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so my boss thought my email was great and fully supports me on the matter. not only that, but the receptionists boss was very happy to get it and was glad to have more ammunition in the matter. now there is an official complaint in her personel file on the matter. she didn't make things any better today either. there was a lunch meeting that i skipped out on (i already had the ok not to be there since i knew what was going on) this afternoon that the boss bought everyone pizza for. after the hour long meeting, she came back and asked me to take over for her so she could go have lunch. wait, that doesn't add up, she just had lunch...oh wait, that's right, she is going to have 2 lunchs today instead...her boss was very annoyed about this. i was told to go on back to my desk and that someone who wasn't doing anything would take care of it today. i'm not sure what happened after she returned, but she has been acting rather annoyed whenever i've been out that way this last hour, as if she'd been chewed out for leaving. she doesn't know about the email yet, they aren't going to inform her of who sent it and aren't going to bring it up at all unless it becomes a major issue. if it gets to that point though, it'll be because they are firing her. thank you america for your system of silent and anonymous complaint for allowing me to not have to worry about psychotic backlash from a flaky psychotic alcoholic freak job like Dee. :)

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